Pasteboard Manager for iPhone

Ditto simplifies transferring and saving your copied items across all your Apple devices to one list on your phone.



  • Copy text, image, link, or color

    Every time you copy a word, a link, or a text on your Mac book, iPad, or iPhone it is seamlessly registered in the app. Whether you want to make sure that you didn’t lose the last text you copied, or if you do a lot of editing and text transfers to your phone, this app will make it easier and more fun.

  • Timestamps on top of each copied item

    Chronologically listed, every copied item has a date & time stamp for easier reference.

  • View link’s image and title

    When copying a link, tap on the list item and view the link's image and title.

  • Search for copied text

    Quickly find that text from that email or anything else you copied a long time ago.

  • Light or dark mode

    Ditto automatically adjusts to your preferred appearance or select your preference.

  • Quick glance of last copied item

    Add Ditto widget to view the last copied item

  • Small or large list

    Choose between 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250 & 500 saved entries.

  • Sync between iPhone and iPad

    Copy a longer text on your Mac and then recuperate it from the app to paste it wherever you were working on your iPhone or iPad by using plus icon on the top left or simply opening the app. The list of saved items is synced between iOS devices.

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